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                  Call: 217-820-2224 | Email Us

                  Taylorville IL Construction Company & General Contractor


                  Taylorville’s Professional Roofing & Construction Company

                  Is your Bathroom Outdated? Are you in need of a new Kitchen? No matter how big your home construction project, P&K Quality Construction is available to take on your project. Our Constructin Company can handle all types of Home Rennovations, from complete kitchen remodels to home additions. In addtion to interior remodeling we also offer exterior Whole Home Remodeling Services. Whether your needing a new Deck installed or in need of new Windows and Doors…. P&K Quality Construction would be pround to work with you on your next Taylorville, IL construction project.

                  Taylorville IL P&K Quality Construction

                  Our Focus at P&K Quality Construction is to make you, as the customer, completely satisfied with your home not only today, but for many years to come. We know from experience, that if you are satisfied with the construction process you will not hesitate to use us for future projects and refer us to your friends and family. When you hire P&K Quality Construction, you can be confident that you made the right choice. For this reason we discuss all your options and take the time to listen to what you want. You can count on us to execute your project with care and precision.

                  Call us today at 217-820-2224 for your next construction project.

                  Below are some of the Construction & General Contractor Services we offer in the Taylorville, IL Area:

                  Kitchen Remodeling

                  Our Taylorville, IL Kitchen remodeling services will help you design your dream kitchen that suits your families needs. Learn more about our kitchen remodel process.Read More

                  Bathroom Remodeling

                  If you live in Taylorville, IL and your planning to remodel your Bathroom than look no further. P&K Quality Construction can remodel bathrooms that work for your growing family. Read More

                  Home Addition

                  Does your Taylorville, IL house feel like it is about to bust at the seems? Find out how a new home addition could potentially fix your problems.Read More

                  Window & Door Installation

                  We provide window and door installation services in the Taylorville, IL area. Find out how new windows & doors can save you money in the long run.Read More

                  Deck & Porch Installation

                  Whether you’re interested in replacing an old rotted deck or need a brand new 2 story custom built Deck, you will be in good hands with our Taylorville, IL deck & porch installation Services.Read More

                  Siding Installation Services

                  If you are looking to replace your old siding or simply looking to increase energy efficiency, you can rely on our Taylorville, IL siding installation services.Read More

                  New Garage Construction

                  If you are planning to build a new garage in Taylorville, IL give P&K Quality Construction a call. We will get the job done right from start to finish.Read More

                  Flooring Installation Services

                  Are you planning to install a new floor? We provide professional floor installation services to Taylorville, IL residents. From vinyl to hardwood we can get it done! Read More

                  Why Choosing P&K Quality Construction for your next Taylorville, IL Project is the Right Choice

                  At P&K Quality Construction, we listen to our homeowners so we can focus on quality, customer service, and the client/builder relationship more than anything else. We make sure that we are always transparent about financial and other details throughout the entire building process, meaning your project is completed on time, within your budget, and without any surprises. We think it’s important that the building process is stress-free and enjoyable for our clients.

                  Why Our Preferred Choice for Construction Materials is Local R.P. Lumber

                  When it comes to a home interior or exterior rennovation project we can count on R.P. Lumber to deliver our construction materials on time. By working with a “close-by” supplier, it allows us to stay on budget by saving more time. Not only does R.P. Lumber deliver materials on time, it makes it convenient for our clients to pick out there construction materials close to home.

                  Local Information for Taylorville, IL

                  Below are some helpful local Websites. We do our best to keep these updated, however you may need to search in google if you are not getting the desired results.

                  Local Taylorville, IL Information Below

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